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Aside from garage door repair services for which we are well known, we also specialize in gate repair, installation and maintenance.

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If you need help with your gate, Garage Door Repair Moreno Valley is also the company to call. You heard it right. We also offer gate repairs. Similar to garage doors, gates serve as the first line of defense against intruders, and thus should be strong and durable. Modern times have called for innovation, hence the existence of automatic gates that are also equipped with openers. For ease in communication and entry, intercoms, telephone systems and access controls have also been developed. We do not know what is yet to come in the next few years, what is certain is that we will keep up with the latest in order to serve you the best way we can.Gate Repair in California

Phone and other Entry systems repair

Intercoms and other phone-entry system installation and repair are offered by our company. There are mainly three types of intercoms: the wired, the GSM, and the wireless types. Whichever you are using, we can do the necessary troubleshooting. We also provide services for other entry systems. If you are using keypad gate access controls, we can ensure top of the line quality of work with high regard to your safety and security.

Gate Contractor

If you want a new gate installed in your home or business property, we are the gate contractor to choose. We have the best installation technicians to put up your gate in the most efficient manner. We are capable of installing gates of different brands and types. You can be sure to have the perfect looking gate that matches your property’s looks. If you are not sure of what you need, we can recommend the right one that suits your needs. In case you are considering gate automation, we can install openers of various brands as well. We can also tell what gate is best if you are concerned with your safety. We are proud of our team of experts.

Gate Parts Repair

Your gate could still experience damage or malfunctions no matter how well it was installed. It is exposed to extreme weather conditions and other factors that could affect its performance. We are the team who can provide expert repair and replacement of parts. We are fully stocked with high quality products to ensure strength and endurance of your door. We are also confident that we can cover as much type of repair because our technicians underwent extensive training.

Garage Door Repair Moreno Valley has devoted much time understanding gate systems. We have invested in sufficient amount of training and technology to be equipped for gate repair and service. We took the time and invested our resources to learn about various gate accessories, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. Whether you need custom gates installation, help with electric gate or your gate’s entry system, you know whom to call.

We offer the best as a standard in everything we do. We would love to hear from you, so just send us a message or call us at your convenience.

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